SIET welcomes you to become a member to support us in our work of providing financial aid to hardworking Singaporean Indian students from low-income families to pursue their education.

SIET was set up in 1966 by a group of leaders in the Indian Community. From 2019 to 2021 alone, during these challenging Covid years, SIET supported 255 students with >$1 million of study loans and 367 students with >$500,000 of bursaries.

SIET collaborates with SINDA to provide financial support for students: SINDA supports primary and secondary students while SIET supports post-secondary students in ITE, polytechnic and university.

We have been able to carry out our mission of uplifting lives in the past 50-plus years only through the generous support of individuals and organisations joining us in various capacities as donors: becoming members; setting up trust funds (mostly in memory of their loved ones); making cash donations; forming interviewing panels to select beneficiaries; be mentors to students, fulfiling roles on the Management Council.

We look forward to your joining us as a member of SIET. We welcome you to be part of our continuing endeavour to nurture students to realise their educational potential; later to find jobs, help their families break out of the poverty circle; thus making meaningful contributions to Singapore and beyond.