Many of the Endowments set up in support of the work of the SIET are in remembrance of loved ones who had a strong belief in the well-being and development of the Singaporean Indian community, particularly through the educational upliftment of our students.
Through such Endowments, SIET is assured of a continuing stream of income, which support our ongoing efforts at providing bursaries and loans to deserving students.

For example, Mr Thambyrajah set up a $30,000 endowment in memory of his late mother. During the cheque presentation ceremony at the St Paul’s Church, Mr Thambyrajah recalled, “As Amma was a strong advocate for education as a means of upliftment, we also set up an Educational Endowment in her name”. Or when Dr. Baisal set up an endowment, he shared his philosophy: “It takes a village to raise a child. How our children, our youths develop and succeed depends heavily on the community they live in , and how well it sustains and supports them. SIET serves as an important gatekeeper in that village, and it provides u various opportunities to be a benefactor or beneficiary of this village, depending on the circumstances. Many years ago, I was its beneficiary. Years later, I am privileged and humbled by the opportunity to be a benefactor. The immense satisfaction of a benefactor can be as much as, if not more than, that of a beneficiary, especially when one realises that when we join forces, we can be a very strong community as a whole.”

We are grateful to Mr Thambyrajah, Dr. Baisal and many other donors who have partnered with SIET. We humbly invite you to consider setting up an Endowment in favour of SIET. Please reach out to us at contactus@siet.sg.