..I will be forever thankful for SIET’s study loan..

I am currently pursuing an ISTD Engineering degree specialised in Cyber Security at SUTD. I am a recipient of both SIET’s Bursary and Study loan schemes since this year. I am profoundly grateful for both the aids because they enable me to better focus and concentrate on my studies. With the bursary, I can budget and save on the current spending for transportation, as I cannot afford to stay in the campus hostel, food and college materials. I do not have to worry or trouble my parents for these daily and monthly expenses. As I am moving on to my final year at SUTD, I will be forever thankful for SIET’s study loan for removing the financial burden that was in the way of my studies. I am now concentrating better, and I don’t worry about having to fund my studies as I study. It has also induced this responsibility in me to plan. The SIET financial aids don’t just help underprivileged students in the present but it also represents our future.

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